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Headway Executive Search’s main line of business is the direct search for and research of executive profiles from different sectors. We have deep knowledge of the market through real-time research, and we carry out specific organizational, structural and remuneration studies for each client.

Our work methodology offers higher standards of quality than the industry average and provides clients with the best candidates for the required position.

What we do?

Executive Search

Direct Search

The right professional at the right moment

Headway provides the best candidate for each project. We go to specific companies where we can find the most suitable professionals. Our processes always ensure the required levels of adequacy and motivation, both personally and professionally.

In 91% of selection processes, the successful candidate figures on the shortlist presented by Headway.

Candidate presentation is carried out faster than expected in 78% of cases.

Market Intelligence

Organizational and Structural Analysis

We conduct research and analysis of organizational and/or compensation structures for specific positions with a unique methodology, providing the client with fully customized information.

At Headway we are pioneers in providing this service and offer relevant and concrete information on compensation policies.

We carry out organizational analysis studies with the objective of obtaining detailed and in-depth knowledge about certain segments of activity.

Our structural comparative studies, through innovative and advanced techniques and fully customized, provide the company with the necessary information for strategic decision making.

97% of companies that have participated in Benchmarking studies prepared by Headway have been satisfied with the results.

Business Recruitment Outsourcing

We take care of your human resources.

We take care of managing companies’ human resource strategy and operations. Our BRO-Business Recruitment Outsorcing service allows companies to completely outsource management of human resources and selection processes.

This area is 100% flexible and adaptable to the needs of each client. Headway BRO always provides the best solution.

Onboarding & Engagement

Monitoring Onboarding & Engagement in organizations

After the incorporation of each candidate, either through Headway or directly with the client, we monitor through our bclose platform the entire onboarding and engagement process during the first 12 months, in order to ensure a good landing and detect in time any situation that requires attention.

An easy, intuitive, rigorous, efficient and effective system to improve the most critical phase of any newly hired executive. Ensuring that the first months for these people are a source of joy, motivation and continuity, which will lead to better results and fulfillment of objectives.

100% of the companies that have used our bclose onboarding and engagement monitoring solution have been pleasantly satisfied with the results, as well as with the ease and simplicity of the platform.

Assessment & Management Audit

Evaluation of management profiles

We evaluate managerial and/or executive profiles, whether internal or external to the company, for possible professional development and/or new incorporation.

We use unique solutions developed by the Headway team such as iSkills, audited and certified by the Faculty of Psychometrics and Psychology of the University of Barcelona (UB), where the participants’ experience becomes memorable.

We go further, obtaining more information and providing greater added value to our clients.

At Headway, we use an attitudinal assessment model. Unlike a curricular and/or motivational interview or classic psycho-technical tests, our evaluation process simulates everyday work situations that allow us to know the potential of the candidates.

iSkills is an exclusive Headway test, designed and developed to evaluate managers in a gamified way, living real work situations and with the possibility of including personalized questions from the client.

this is how we work

Method of success

<strong>01.</strong><br>Meeting with the client

Meeting with the client

  • Analysis of the activity of the sector and the company.
  • Business environment and culture.
<strong>02.</strong> <br>Defining the position

Defining the position

  • Mission and responsibilities.
  • Education and languages.
  • Personal and professional competences.
  • Equipment and work environment, critical adaptation factors, etc.
<strong>03.</strong> <br>Research & approach

Research & approach

  • Identification of target companies and key professionals.
  • Locating candidates and presentation of the project.
  • Assessment of candidate profile and willingness to change.
<strong>04.</strong> <br>Personal interviews & presentation of candidates

Personal interviews & presentation of candidates

  • Assessment of candidate’s curriculum, motivation and competence.
  • Preparation of a periodic Progress Report.
  • Presentation of finalist reports.
<strong>05.</strong> <br>Coordination and monitoring

Coordination and monitoring

  • Coordination and monitoring of client interviews with candidates.

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