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Alumni Success Talk – Victor Carulla, speaking about Top Hiring Trends in Executive Search for 2021

In this session, we have had the opportunity to share with 98 alumni about 2021 hiring trends in the executive search business.

We’ve been able to give them a vision of the current market situation, get them to understand the roles and key competencies in 2021, as well as share some good practices in Career Management and job search during this pandemic era we’re living. It has been a fully participative session, in which everybody has had the opportunity to ask and comment on any doubts or concerns they had regarding their career management. We’ve been honored to participate with EU Business School again.

98 alumni were registered, 56 participated actively connected from 38 different countries!!! Those countries were Spain, Germany, Switzerland, United States, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Russia, France, India, Mexico, Sweden, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, Canada, Serbia, Brazil, Poland, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Colombia, Malaysia, Greece, Egypt, Austria, Finland, Morocco, South Africa, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Albania, Norway, and Azerbaijan.

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