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Online Interviews: The new reality?

Headway Executive Search has carried out a study on the change that the selection processes have undergone as a result of the pandemic and the arrival of teleworking and digitization.

Hiring an employee without knowing him personally, unthinkable just over a year ago, has become common practice in many companies.

The objective of this survey has been to analyze how the change has occurred, what factors have been modified, detect which aspects are more difficult to supply without being present, and what the trends will be in the future.

More than 500 executives from 8 different sectors participated in the study: Industry and Infrastructure, Finance and Professional Services, Consumer Goods and Retail, Pharma and Chemicals, IT and Telecommunications, Tourism, Leisure and Media, Logistics and Transportation & Automotive.

Conclusions of the survey “Online Interviews”

From the results of the survey carried out, we highlight four aspects that we consider quite shocking:

A first conclusion of the “Online Interviews” study is that online interviews will continue to be a majority trend in the future. This method will remain the most widely used channel for selection processes once the pandemic is over.

Before the coronavirus, only 17.60% of the interviews were conducted online. Currently, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the number has increased to 75.30% and interviewers believe that they will continue to use this method preferentially in the future in 58.60% of virtual interviews, which means more than triple the amount before the pandemic.

A second conclusion is that 34.70% of companies have incorporated workers into their workforce without having known them personally, having carried out a 100% online selection process. The remaining 65.30% have preferred to know the candidate physically before making a decision.

A third conclusion is that 36% of companies that have hired someone after a totally online process consider that they would have changed their mind if they had met the candidate in person beforehand.

That is, 1 in 3 companies believe that they did not match the selected person after carrying out a 100% online process. 64% consider having made the right decision with the choice of the candidate.

The survey also reveals that companies still do not feel comfortable with 100% online selection processes. Only 10% prefer them compared to 45% who prioritize the presence of the candidate. Another 45% choose to use both channels to make the selection.

A fourth conclusion of the survey is the great unanimity among those surveyed when it comes to detecting the weaknesses presented by the online selection processes.

38% consider that the most important aspect and that they miss the most in online interviews is being able to interpret non-verbal language *. 25%, 1 in 4 interviewed, highlights the assessment of the first impression. In total, 63% of those surveyed consider that these are the two aspects that are the most difficult to decipher in online interviews, well above the rest of the options.

If you want to consult the complete study, you can send us an email to info@headway.es.


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