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There is a need to hire a new Managing Director, business and customer-focused with a clear understanding of how to run a business within a similar business model. Someone who will drive, lead and guide the team, showing a new way forward. Someone who has a strong and honest leadership.

The Managing Director will report to the Business Board and will be responsible for a team of about 130 people between Sales, Finance, R&D and Supply Chain and Production.

This person will find a well-functioning production area, led by a Production Manager who is doing things well, although there are aspects such as quality (both product, service and customer attention) that needs to be improved, to match the expected level of quality and service in the group.  

The R&D and Sales Departments are the areas where a new leader is most needed from a strategic and managerial point of view. The company has been fairly stable and has followed the same path for many years, and now it is time for a new Managing Director to start questioning how things have been managed and how they could be improved. 

Company's culture is humble, easy, fairly flat organisation, avoids excessive reporting, and also decentralized, so the new Managing Director will have the opportunity and scope to make moves, but of course, following the main paths coming from the business board. One of the main challenges is to continue to develop sales in the domestic market.

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Funciones y responsabilidades

The main objective of the Managing Director is to ensure the correct development of the business, in terms of Sales (internal and external) as a priority, but also other areas such as R&D, Finance and Production.

Being responsible for driving, guiding and leading the Spanish team. This person will drive the company's business towards a successful Sales and Marketing strategy, ensuring that sales have everything it needs to grow in terms of market share and profitability. 

Ensure that customer needs (internal and external) are well managed so that all areas involved (R&D, sales, customer service, supply chain,...) can deliver not only the expected product on time, exceeding expectations, but also the right quality of service. Monitor the production and supply chain departments, making sure they have all the resources they need to continue their excellent performance.

To analyse what needs to be changed and/or updated and define company´s strategy in Spain, ensuring that the new path will follow the main corporate lines, as well as obtain new ideas with the consequent changes and adaptations that need to be implemented to achieve the set objectives.


A person with a strong character and at the same time a good leader; A leader who is a role model for his team at all levels, not autocratic, but charismatic and leads with the example. 

Someone who is able to stand up for the team when necessary and at the same time is the guide and helps them to improve when someone in the team does something wrong. Will be able to foster a working environment where everyone feels free to give their point of view and feels listened to and supported.

A strategic vision for the short, medium, and long term, but not forgetting the day-to-day. Someone who has the ability to define wining solutions for the company, clients, and employees. 

A talented person with high potential, and with the ability to define the business strategy; a customer-oriented profile, with a great capacity to understand client´s needs and offer them the solutions that best suit their reality. A person with very clear business ideas, who takes into account what competitors are doing, and who defines actions to differentiate yourself from them.

A person who is not afraid to make decisions. Someone who is decisive and practical. A proactive person who always tries to come up with new initiatives.

You will also be an energetic person who wants to get involved in challenges. Strong communication skills. Someone who is attracted by the possibility to manage the operations area.


More than 10 years of management experience in similar business models (prescribing, installation, sub solutions, heating, sanitation, electrics installation, building automation). Open to profiles with potential, that can offer good leadership experience, managing complex teams; experience managing operations will be valued, but it is not essential. They will need to be able to work autonomously.


University degree, either in Engineering or Business/Economics or similar. Ideally, complemented by additional training in leadership and business development.

Good level of English and Spanish is a must


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