Automotive industry

Importers, OEM & tier 1

Our team of consultants has more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, both in importing companies as well as in producers (OEM) and first-level suppliers (Tier 1).

We are the market leaders in Southern Europe with our automotive headhunting brand Autokineto, which provides its services in several countries. With Autokineto, we have formed structures and covered positions of the highest level in the sector’s hubs.

Proyectos realizados:

  • Managing director
  • Plant director
  • Operations management
  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • Production management
  • Department of industrial control
  • Sales management
  • Retail area management
  • After-sales management
  • Marketing & communication management
  • Corporate fleet manager

Open positions

Importers, OEM & tier 1

The positions that we are managing at the moment are confidential and therefore are not reflected in this page. If you are interested in taking into account those processes in which we are currently working in this sector, and / or in the future, send us your information and we will contact you if any of these positions could fit you!

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